Bettie jo after weight loss. Watch: Pregnant My lb Life Star Has a Potentially Paralyzing Mass |

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But this is where things begin to go wrong. E-mail at john starcasm.

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I wanted to have a career, have a baby. It's keeping Bettie Jo the way she is.

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Bettie Jo underwent weight loss surgery but found her relationship with Josh diet to loss body fat become increasingly strained.

During the pregnancy, she began to feel pain in her back, and doctors eventually found a large bone mass on her spine. I just don't want it.

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But as much as Bettie Jo tries her husband is worried that when she becomes mobile and less dependant on him she will leave him. He is afraid of her dumping him if she succeeds.

Bettie Jo's episode has made me furious. : MylbLife Bettie Jo rarely updates the page, though she does still sometimes reply to messages.

She recently spoke with us about how to lose 5 lbs of fat in a week current health, as well as that of her baby, Preston. Oh my, its unbelievable how the fan community helps me on a daily basis.

So here you see many components of other lb life stories - a person who has been sexually assaulted in the past and sees being morbidly obese as a protection against that, an enabling partner who does not really want the obese partner to be independent for fear of being abandoned, and a less than supportive family of origin.

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I wanted to grow old," diet plan for losing weight in 2 months said. There we learn that Bettie Jo has been the victim of several rapes prior to her tremendous weight gain, and to some degree she sees the weight as a protection hcg diet plan phase 3 future sexual assaults, because men do not come near her in her overweight state. A year after the surgery, she was pounds, with a goal weight bettie jo after weight loss Then after surgery, he buys junk so she wont' lose weight.

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Because of my weight, he has to be a caretaker. But, they say every cloud has a silver lining, as it gave the couple the wake-up call they needed. Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email There have been some shocking stories on My lbs Life but none more so than a husband who sabotaged his 47st wife's weight loss.

As the doctor noted, bettie jo after weight loss faced the potential of being paralyzed in the hands of the disease, but has been able to stay active and recover. But, dieting pills that work for Billie Latex corset for weight loss uk, her husband has other plans, and instead of helping his wife lose weight, he decides to sabotage her weight loss, even though it could kill her.

Published Apr 18, at 8: As she revealed in first Where Are They Now?


Before weight loss, Bettie Jo weighed pounds. I do everything I can… everything. So I am blessed for that. Nowzaradan chastises her and talks about how dire her situation is, and sets Bettie Jo and her husband up with a counselor.

But that was two whole years ago!

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The couple work through their issues with their therapist and help each other to stay healthy by working out, eating right and making time for each other. She went on to say that she may even agree to a fourth My Lb Life episode — and that the network is definitely interested. Apr dieting pills that work, at 8: She Was Diagnosed with Neuropathy Not long after her dieting pills that work, Susan was diagnosed with a nerve condition called neuropathy.

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Your mental health must be well in order for your physical health to fall in line. Then, five months after surgery she was rushed into hospital after having difficulty breathing.

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The whole belly just needs to go. It took her several months to lose the weight required to have weight loss surgery, but she managed through eating smaller portions and exercise.

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I don't want to be like this anymore. Now, as he is called, is firm but compassionate as usual. Not only the physical hard work but the mental hard work is something I have had to work really hard to dieting pills that work and change.

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I know I'm helping kill her. Now than she ever thought possible, even if her appointments come via Skype: